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What will become of this building and property

now rests in the hands of Suffield residents .

April, 2013

The Town workshop/ meeting at Suffield High School on May 14, 2013 was a marvelous success. Approximately 80 residents participated in a process that narrowed down numerous options regarding; as the above sign asks:

 What Should Suffield Do With The Bridge Street School Property?    The independently moderated process led to a consensus reached by the entire group: Retain Town ownership Restore & make the building available for town use.

To View the "Suffield Speaks"  results report click the drop down page above under  Whats going on? above.

Be well informed, and participate

When it comes to taking part in an issue that can impact your quality of life, having accurate information is key. Unfortunately we cannot rely on, or take for granted that

our elected officials will "do what

is best."

It's not because they aren't doing their job to the best of their ability, but usually because unless they hear from their constituents the agenda and decision making becomes based on their own ideas, personal values, and goals. 

Knowing that you have done your part is empowering and satisfying. 

The townspeople who support and are presenting this website donate their time and effort as a non political public service.

We are active at all levels of involvement, and with many varied civic groups – all committed to community enrichment. Taking ownership of, and managing the 

resources, services and infrastructure that our tax dollars are used for.

​The purpose of this website is: 

to provide a forum for information and discussion

that will lead to a resolution. 

How is it – that a historic building which was built with pride; of the finest available materials and which so well served the Town of Suffield for eighty years, could become largely ignored and left languishing? 






 •   Please take a few moments to do your part​  


Thank you for your participation!



In light of these events, it's critical that

 residents of Town now make an effort to contact members of the Board of Finance.

The message is this:

As shareholders of this community, we want to invest in making use of our most valuable Town Center Property to benefit the community.  

• ​What does it need for repairs?

• What will it cost?

• Are Federal and State funding and Grants available?
• What about pubic fundraising?
• What course of action is the Town government taking?
• What can the building be used
for - is there a need for it? is compiling answers to these, the most asked questions.
That information will be published here very soon…
These Q & A will be addressed at the Public Forum- Feb.12 and March 13

Cilck on the document link here to view the proposal…

Dear Viewer,

the following is a draft letter to be directed to the members of the Suffield Board of Finance,

and the Suffield Board of Selectmen…but first a brief reminder of why    this is so important. 



YES, very few people ever take the time to message a politician.

The Approval rating for the US Congress is currently at about 20% - an all time low. They muddle through the Laws & Business that our lives depend on, and are actually breaking the law when they pass bills they have neither written themselves, nor have read, nor understand. This continues to erode our well being as a nation because  we do not do our part and actually tell them what we want. The neglect of our responsibility is the cause of their irresponsibility.     So who's to blame for the mess?  


The issue here is merely about how we want to shape the cultural aspect of our Town.


 • Do we tell our elected officers what decision to make,

or do we leave it up to them to decide?


If you agree with the contents of the message below, please take a few minutes to click on the

icons and PDF  forward the message along. An alternate option is to drag the .png letter below to

your desktop, and then send it as an attachment


~Thank you!

…What comments do you have?

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