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Below is the second report which was proposed to repurpose the school building for Town offices in October, 2009.


     The Process goes forward, but the use of the building and property become entangled in a complicated scheme where other      

     options and possible uses as part of a new Town Library. A discussion and vote process unfold. At this point the school was

     being maintained, heated, and utilized. The Suffield Police Department, and Friends of the Library made good interim use of

     it and actually found it "invaluable." Cost estimates had fallen from 3.2 M down to 2.2 M  for several reasons including lower

     labor and material prices amidst the depressed economic climate of the time. This is truly when the iron was red hot & ready

     to strike. We need to ask how and why this opportunity was overlooked.      

                                                                                                                                                Scroll down to view the recommendation report #2​


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